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EMC Online is a feature of Reef Permits that allows Marine Park users to manage their EMC obligations. This feature facilitates the collection of the Environmental Management Charge (EMC) information and allows online remittance of the associated charges. This system provides users with the ability to integrate EMC reporting into daily business practices and resolve accounts online.

Some of the other features that EMC Online offers include:
     • Favourites: establish favourites within the system to accommodate regular trips and reduce data entry time;
     • Reports: access to personalised reports which can be used to track the visitors you take into the Marine Park; and
     • Payment gateway: details for making payments for EMC.

EMC Online is a user friendly way to enable users to manage their EMC requirements for their business. EMC Online improves opportunities for Marine Park users to interact with the GBRMPA. It also supports business through streamlining processes and allows users to customise the system to their operations.