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Important Notices

EMC is increasing as of 1 April 2020. Full day $7.00 Half Day $3.50. See www.gbrmpa.gov.au for details.

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GBRMPA Environmental Management Charge

The Great Barrier Reef is an outstanding natural ecosystem that supports a world-class array of species and habitats. Almost two million tourists visit this World Heritage Area every year, motivated primarily by the chance to see, experience and learn about the Great Barrier Reef.

We can all play a role in protecting the Great Barrier Reef and preserving the tourism experiences it offers. As an important stakeholder, you contribute to the management of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park by collecting and submitting the Environmental Management Charge (EMC) and visitation records. You can further contribute by working in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) in the management of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (Marine Park).

The EMC is a charge associated with some commercial activities, including tourism operations, non-tourist operations and facilities, operated under a permit granted by the GBRMPA.

For most tourism operations, visitors to the Marine Park participating in a tourist activity are liable to pay the charge to the permittee, who then remits the charge to the GBRMPA.

For other operations in the Marine Park, such as those involving the hire of equipment, installation and operation of tourist facilities, underwater observatories, sewage outfalls and vending operations the permittee must pay fixed quarterly charges to the GBRMPA.

The funds the Australian Government receives from the Environmental Management Charge are vitally important in the day-to-day management of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and in improving its long-term resilience.