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Permits Online is a feature of GBRMPA’s Reef Management System that allows Marine Park users to:

  • Apply for a permission for Marine Parks use, including submitting documentation for consideration
  • Manage existing Marine Parks permits, including updating vessel, aircraft, ship, facility and equipment information
  • Manage and update contact details, including allocation of authorised contacts and preferred contact method
  • View the status of all your Marine Parks permits
  • View requirements for documentation such as research returns and submit these to comply with permit conditions

If you wish to apply only for a permit to access the Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park, Great Sandy Marine Park or Moreton Bay Marine Park, please visit the Queensland Government website.

Further information on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is available on our website.

Further information on the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is available on their website.

If you need help

Check the help screen – the answer may be there, or alternatively

Email; or

Phone our permit enquiries line on (07) 4750 0860 (between 9am and 2pm EST, Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

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