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About Bookings Online

To get started
You will need to be recognised as an authorised contact and obtain a password to log in with. If you need help with this process, contact details are listed below.

When making a booking:
     • Use the calendar to see if the planning area, sensitive location or cruise ship anchorage is available for the period you are interested in.
     • Bookings Online will display all the Marine Parks permits for which you may want to make a booking in a drop down menu. If you have multiple permits choose the relevant permit.
     • Bookings Online will display all operations or vehicles (vessels, aircraft or ships) under that permit in a drop down menu. If you have multiple options, you will need to choose the relevant option.
     • Bookings Online will display all the options for planning areas, sensitive locations and cruise ship anchorages in drop down menus for you to select. Links to maps for these areas are listed below.
     • Choose the date, and for cruise ship anchorages, the time slot you wish to book the anchorage for. Click check booking for availability and then save to make the booking.

Bookings Online will automatically:
     • Advise you of the number of booking days you have remaining to a planning area for the last 365 days.
     • Indicate if the sensitive location is available for booking on that day
     • Indicate if the cruise ship anchorage is available at that time
     • Send you a confirmation email after making your booking
     • Provide you with access to personalised reports which can help you manage your bookings.

Further information and maps:
     • All the rules for booking on line can also be found at http://onboard.gbrmpa.gov.au/home/permits/know_your_permit/booking_system_guidelines2
     • Maps of the Cairns Planning Area and Sensitive Locations can be found at: http://onboard.gbrmpa.gov.au/home/where_you_go/cairns_and_port_douglas/cairns_planning_area/group_size_limits_in_the_cairns_planning_area
     • Maps of the Hinchinbrook Planning Area and Sensitive Locations can be found at: http://onboard.gbrmpa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0019/17344/sdc_021203d_hpom_sens_loc_march2004.pdf
     • A map of the Whitsunday Planning Area can be found at: http://www.gbrmpa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/5457/whitsunday-planning-area-map-2008.pdf
     • A map of cruise ship anchorages for the whole of the Great Barrier Reef can be found at: http://onboard.gbrmpa.gov.au/home/what_you_do/cruise_ships/cruise_ship_anchorages

If you need help
Check the help screen – the answer may be there, or alternatively:
     • Send your vessel and aircraft queries to bookings@gbrmpa.gov.au or phone (07) 4750 0700 (during business hours).
     • Send your cruise ship queries to cruise.bookings@gbrmpa.gov.au or phone (07) 4750 0775.